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Your Star Wars fan will love creating this adorable Grogu Bookmark Craft! This cute little Grogu bookmark is the perfect Star Wars craft for kids to enjoy while celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4th.

baby yoda bookmark craft

While planning your Star Wars Day celebrations be sure to check out these great ideas for making May 4th super special for your Star Wars fans!

This adorable Grogu in his pod bookmark craft is perfect for kids who love Star Wars! Simply print the free template, grab a few art supplies, and create your own Baby Yoda craft.

Your child will love using this Grogu corner bookmark in their next book!

grogu in pod craft

If your kids have enjoyed The Mandalorian episodes as much as mine have, I know they will absolutely love making this super cute Grogu craft.

How to make a DIY Grogu Bookmark Craft

List of Supplies:

  • Colored craft papers
  • Pencil – to trace the template
  • A pair of scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Markers
  • Template


Download and print out the Grogu in Pod bookmark template. Cut out the template pieces.

Select green and pink colored craft papers for the Grogu figure, grey, black, and yellow craft papers for the pod and 2 different shades of brown colored craft papers for the Grogu’s robe.

Trace the template patterns on the selected craft papers and cut them out.

Attach the inner ear cutouts on the ears of the Grogu base.

Attach the collar cutout on top of the robe cutout.

Attach the robe on the lower part of the Grogu base, just below his head.

Use a marker to draw the eyes, nose and mouth onto Grogu.

Attach the small pod base on the large pod base.

Attach the strip cutout along the top edge the pod’s front piece.

Attach the 2 small square cutouts on both pointy sides of the pod base.

Flip the pod front to the wrong side and apply glue along the round edge, but not along the top edge.

Place the glued round edge of the pod front on the bottom edge of the pod base. This will form a pocket.

Use a marker or pen to trace outlines on the pod.

You can insert Grogu into the pod pocket. Apply a little glue to hold him in the pocket, if you wish.

Cut a piece of 16cm x 16cm square paper.

Use the square paper to make an origami corner bookmark.

If you’d like instructions on how to fold the bookmark, you’ll find an easy origami corner bookmark tutorial here.

Glue Grogu’s pod on the folded triangle side of the origami corner bookmark to complete the bookmark craft.

baby yoda craft

Now, use your Grogu bookmark in your favorite book!

grogu in pod craft

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