Simple Valentine’s Day Family Traditions to Start This Year

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally a holiday meant for couples, but it is also the perfect time to celebrate the love of your entire family.

I have the best memories of Valentine’s Day as a child. I came down to breakfast on Valentine’s Day morning to find candy and a card from my parents. I always wanted my own children to have similar memories.

Creating a family tradition is a great way to celebrate your family’s love for each other. Pick one (or several) of these simple, yet meaningful Valentine’s Day family traditions to start this year. 

Simple Valentine’s Day Family Traditions to Start This Year

Love Scavenger Hunt – Cut out hearts from construction paper, choosing a different color of construction paper for each family member. On each heart write something you love about that family member.  Hide the hearts in the house for a fun scavenger hunt.

Love Jar – Gather enough jars for each family member to have one. Label each jar with the name of a family member. Fill the jar with popsicle sticks labeled with favorite things about that family member.

Post-It Note Love – Place post-it love notes where your child will find them (on the mirror, by her shoes, on the television, etc).

Valentine’s Family Movie Night – pop some popcorn, add pink and red candy-coated chocolates and/or sprinkles. Watch a movie such as The Princess Bride, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, or The Lorax. Here is a whole list of movies your whole family can enjoy on Valentine’s Day.

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Family Love Jar – Starting at the beginning of February, place a jar and a stack of paper slips out. Encourage family members to write special things about your family on the slips of paper.  Read the notes together on Valentine’s Day.

Love Door –  Tape hearts with things you love about your child on his bedroom door while he sleeps the night before Valentine’s Day.

I Love You Meal – Make a Valentine’s Day theme meal as a family. Make heart-shaped pancakes or sandwiches and set the table with fancy dishes.

This yummy Strawberry Nutella Pancake breakfast is a great, easy choice for a Valentine’s Day meal!

However you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family, that extra affirmation of love each year on Valentine’s Day is sure to make a lasting memory on your child’s heart.

My children enjoy working together to plan and create a Valentine’s Day lunch each year where we simply share aloud one thing we love about each person in our family.  Family-friendly Valentine’s Day activities can be hard to come up with, see my list of easy Valentine’s Day Family Activities here.

Do you have a family Valentine’s Day tradition?

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