Paper Plate Pirate Ship Craft

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Get crafty with your little pirates with this fun paper plate pirate ship craft.

paper plate pirate ship craft

Pirate crafts are perfect for summer time, Talk like a Pirate Day, or anytime for pirate loving kids!

pirate ship craft

How to make a Paper Plate Pirate Ship Craft

List of Supplies:


Cut a paper plate in half.

Download and print out the pirate ship template.

Then, use the template to cut the ship shape on the paper plate.

Use light brown paint, marker or crayon to color the top border of the ship.

Paint or color the rest of the ship using a darker shade of brown paint, crayon or marker.

Cut out the sails, windows, flags, and anchor from the templates using craft paper.

For the ship’s mast, use a thicker cardstock paper if possible.

Glue the skull and bones on the black flag.

Glue the flag on the top of the mast.

Glue the sails to the mast.

Glue the two parts of the circular windows together.

Glue the windows onto the ship’s body.

Glue the anchor onto one side of the ship.

Glue the sails onto the top edge of the pirate ship.

Paper Plate Pirate Ship printable craft

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